Monday, 18 July 2011

What makes a good teacher/lecturer?

(In this when I refer to teachers I mean teachers and lecturers by the way)

This is something I've often wondered about being in my 13th or so year in education I've had fair few of them. Some I have thoroughly enjoyed being thought by, some I've not so much enjoyed but the where good none the less. However some have been appalling. Teaching isn't just knowing the subject! It's about bringing it to life, or at least showing how it relates to it so I can see how it's useful to know.

For instance in high school I HATED maths now I'm going out of my way to learn it! I guess it just depends on the teacher.

I'm not sure about that comment though because I've had teachers that have been fantastic teaching one subject then teaching another was woeful. So is it having the right teacher for the right subject? Or is it that I didn't like the subject so was unwilling to learn?

Anyway back to the main point. Does a teacher have to enjoy the subject there teaching? I've noticed that when a teacher is teaching subjects closer to there interests they are much better! Having said that though I've had fantastic teachers when teaching something so far away from there subject of interest as to be in a completely different universe.

Let me know what you guys think makes a good teacher/lecturer!

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