Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Promise Kept

Ok, so this post is due to a drunken promise with the Rhodes bothers both which apparently read this blog. Thank guys! So anyway in the queue to a local nightclub I said to the brothers that I would summarise my PhD project for them, so here goes.

 The first option for my soon to be project and my favored choice, is to measure the outflow from AGN(Active Galactic Nuclei) and then inferring if the outflow could feed the dusty torus which is used to explain the absence of broad line emitting clouds (sources of emission which a located close to the black hole so are relativistically broadened) this would mean modifying the current unified model of AGN in some way.

The second option which is also quite cool, is to look at AGN which have very luminosity to get a good model for such AGN, to then look at AGN of the same type at higher redshifts (closer to the begining of the universe).

 I would be happy with either project however the first one by far the one which I prefer. Hope the Rhodes brothers enjoy this post. I'm going to bed now! Good night all!