Friday, 8 July 2011

Sleeplessness and sticky notes

I have trouble sleeping! When I got to try to get to sleep my mind starts thinking about a million and one things. I just can't switch off! Anyway I read a tip somewhere to keep sticky notes by you bed when your trying to sleep, so you can jot down what your thinking of and drift off to sleep.

I thought it seemed reasonable enough. However when I get rid of one thought another one happily bounds in to replace it. So I end up with a load of sticky notes all over my wall and I still cant sleep!

Not only that, I shouldn't have got cheap ones they kept falling off my wall on to my head, or just generally making a noise which isn't something you want when your trying to sleep. Not only that my mind wont let me just forget about the idea after I've just written down, it wants to expand on it. Ironically this post is one of these ideas. So I was kept awake by thinking about how I'm going to write about being kept awake by the things that are supposed to be helping me to get to sleep.

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