Friday, 10 June 2011

Usefull websites

Today I thought I'd post some websites/pages that I find useful or you might find useful hope you like them

Well the first one is Obvious it's Wolfram Alpha
This site does everything but tuck you in and sing you to sleep. Whether is graphing a function you just cant visualize, doing derivative and showing you the steps or just telling you how much fat was in that MacDonald's cheese burger you just ate. Wolfram Alpha is a myriad of useful and useless information. There are a couple of time I've had to substitute for a fraction(putting a instead of b/2 or something) in an equation. However saying that it is very rare. Try not to rely on it to much though. I find it most useful when I'm stuck on a tricky integral or derivative as the show steps button can show you how to start off.

The second one is one that I think is very good it's Hyper-Physics
This website is really useful it covers pretty much everything, easily navigated and everything well explained.

The next one is a useful web page from the Center of Astrophysics from Harvard University

Its always good to have a webpage full of constants and having it from creditable source is even better.

The last one for now is Blue solver. I haven't used this one but I found it one day though it seem'd pretty good so let me know what you think.

Blue solver lets you select and equation then input values of the variables. It will then solve for the final one.

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