Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The people that inspired me to do physics!

I remember on night half asleep going downstairs to get a drink/some food and I put the TV. Just for background noise (as I still often do!) anyway it turned out that NOVA:The elegant universe happened to be on -a program based on the book with the same title by Brian Greene. Hosted by the man himself, but there where also many other physicists on show, I later brought the book. Before I realized I had watched the whole show, it explained everything so beautifully. It was defiantly that show that first sparked my interest in physics. So i'd have to say that Brian Greene is one of the people that inspired me.

Another person has to be Michio Kaku. On the way back from a holiday I had some money left over and I wanted something to read on the trip back home. I happened across Parallel Worlds at first I didn't really like it. So it lay on my bookshelf for a couple of years. Then over one summer, bored I picked it back up and started to read and was absorbed into a tale of time travel, black holes and warp drives.
That's all for now thanks for reading.

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